Water Damage Company in Willow Grove, PA

Whether it begins with a burst pipe, a flood, or a fire hose, water damage is a serious and urgent situation for any homeowner. Having an expert water damage company in Willow Grove, PA that responds quickly and decisively is essential to reduce your financial losses and keep your home livable. Disaster Solutions Inc. offers 24/7 water damage remediation with trained and certified technicians ready not only to clean up your home but to stop further damage at the source.

How Severe Is Your Water Damage?

Category 1 or "bluewater" is a leak from a clean water source, such as a frozen pipe, failing hot water heater, or broken radiator. These leaks can still damage drywall, electronics, and documents, but most items in your home can probably be dried out and saved.

Category 2 or "greywater" involves contamination from microorganisms or biological matter. This water includes floodwater from outdoors, sump pump failures, or dirty water from leaking washing machines and dishwashers. With the potential for odors and mold or mildew growth, carpets and flooring usually need to be discarded, and any affected areas disinfected, once the water is gone.

Category 3 or "blackwater" is polluted with bacteria and fungi. Most category 3 leaks at home involve sewage, making the cleanup process too complex and dangerous to attempt yourself. When you work with our trusted water damage company in Willow Grove, PA, you can be assured that our experienced technicians have the protective equipment, tools, and disinfectants to eliminate your sewage leak safely and effectively.

Why Is Water Damage An Emergency?

When left untreated, saturated drywall and flooring will become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other fungi. Mold will grow anywhere with enough moisture -- and no matter how clean your house is, spores are floating in the air waiting for an appropriate host. Once mold has begun, remediation can be an expensive and time-consuming process. When not treated at the source, after the initial fuzz is gone, the mycelium and hyphae remain in your walls ready to grow again as soon as the humidity rises.


If you do find yourself in need of mold remediation, call the water damage company Willow Grove, PA trusts to get the job done all the way, right away. At Disaster Solutions Inc, we not only eliminate mold but also address the causes of mold, to make sure your infestation stays away.