Water Damage Company in Yardley, PA

Have you recently learned that your home suffered from water damage in a storm, leak, or fire? Is there mold behind your walls or under your floors? No matter what the conditions are in your home, our trusted water damage company in Yardley, PA is ready to take on your restoration project. With a team of trained and certified technicians available 24/7, we will visit your home and begin work immediately, addressing your water situation from the source before the damage has a chance to get worse.

4 Leading Causes of Water Damage


  • Frozen or Burst Pipes: When a pipe bursts in your home, there can be an uncontrolled release of water into your walls, leading to soaked drywall, collapsing ceilings, and sodden belongings. Fortunately, this water is clean, and when you work with a water damage company in Yardley, PA from the start, you can dry out and save flooring, carpets, and furniture. Call us as soon as you discover the leak and our technicians can come to your home to start the drying process!

  • Flooding: After a heavy rain or snowmelt event, your home can fill with floodwater through a leaky basement or directly from rising rivers and streams outside. This greywater is not as contaminated as sewage but does pose a substantial risk for fungal growth if left untreated. Our restoration professionals will start by pumping the water out as soon as the storm recedes, clear out any remaining water and mud, remove affected flooring and drywall, and finally disinfect the remaining structure to prevent mold growth.

  • Sewage Backup: If your basement or bathroom fills with sewage, this is an emergency that requires immediate assistance from a water damage company with the equipment and knowledge to respond to this severe health risk. We will remove the sewage and sludge, then use our sophisticated decontamination technology to eliminate unpleasant odors and dangerous bacteria and viruses, making your home livable again.

  • Firefighting: After a fire, the first damage you might think of is from the heat and smoke. But the firefighting process creates a water damage event too, both at and below the location of the flames. After a fire, Disaster Solutions Inc. can address your fire and water damage at the same time, restoring your home's air quality and preventing a minor fire from turning into an ongoing mold and mildew catastrophe.


No matter what the cause of your water damage, you need the professional water damage company Yardley, PA relies on to keep your home safe and comfortable. Call Disaster Solutions Inc. at (610) 702-4243 now for a free estimate or emergency repair services!