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Why You Need to Call a Water Damage Company Now

Unfortunately, this also means that when tragedy strikes, you are the one responsible for cleaning up the mess and making sure that your family is safe. Whether this is a natural disaster or water damage that floods your household, it can be tough to figure out what to do. Luckily, there are water damage removal services that can help you recover after such an event. By learning why you should contact them and what they do, you can become a better homeowner in the process.

When Drips Become Drops

It might surprise you to learn that 98% of basements in the U.S. will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime, but it's true nonetheless. Even if you've never had a major rainstorm or flood near your area, sometimes water damage can simply be the result of one dipping pipe that goes unchecked for years or decades. We don't blame you for not noticing this, and it's one of the main reasons that your local water damage company stays in business. Noticing these drips before they turn into major drops can be hard to spot until it's too late, and sometimes even plumbers miss them. Regardless of when or how you spot them, it's important to take immediate action and not let water accumulate and build up toward an inevitable and preventable tragedy.

Water, Water Everywhere

Once a space receives too much water and is too moist, lots of bad things can happen. Before mold or other bacteria starts to breed, you might see stains on your wall or flaking gypsum that crumbles. This should be one of the first signs that water damage has occurred in an area, and it should not be ignored under any circumstances. Hopefully, we do not have to tell you that this is not normal for a household to experience, and may also indicate that the structural integrity of your home is slowly being compromised. Water is often called "the silent killer" because it rots away at the foundation and integration of homes while being hard to detect. Because water is so versatile in its destruction, it is advised that you immediately contact a water damage company to figure out what the best solution is for you.

Health and Safety

As we mentioned above, once water gets into an area, it can wreak havoc unless you contact a certified water damage company to help you out. Black mold, weakening wood support columns, and dangerous rust can all result when water gets into an area of the home that it should not be. Even if your home is made of solid concrete and is in no danger of falling down, we're willing to bet that you have drywall set up downstairs or in other rooms. This drywall and other building materials offer the perfect breeding ground for black mold and other bacteria that can make your family intensely sick, and the area will need to be dried out and remedied by a water damage company in order to get it back to normal. Instead of putting your family's or property's safety at risk, call a water damage company instead.

Dry Out Before It's Too Late

By calling a water damage company out to your property, you're taking the initiative to recover from disaster or dry things out before it's too late. Instead of letting a water problem get worse and wondering what to do about it, you've decided to take action and responsibility for what happens. Whether this means that you're going to have fans going for days on end or have to evacuate your home depends on the severity of the damage, but it's a positive step forward that we commend. If you've experienced water damage or are trying to recover from it, contact Distaster Solutions Inc today!

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John Foley
John Foley
07 Şub 2023

Just has a new roof installed on my home! Shingles look great!

Company was awesome! Professional and knowledgeable! Will definitely refer to my friends and family! Pleasant experience!!!


08 Oca 2022

If you focus on the disaster, the disaster increases. If you focus on the solution, the solution increases. Disaster Solutions, the solution to your disaster.

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